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Dr Christian Bök

Researcher Lecturer in Literary Studies, School of Creative Arts and Humanities

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Dr. Christian Bök is currently a lecturer in Literary Studies at the School of Arts and Humanities at Charles Darwin University. 



Bök is most famous for Eunoia (2001), a book which took him seven years to write. Eunoia consists of univocalics: The book uses only one vowel in each of its five chapters. In the book's main part, each chapter used just a single vowel, producing sentences such as this: “Enfettered, these sentences repress free speech.” Bök believes "his book proves that each vowel has its own personality, and demonstrates the flexibility of the English language."

The Xenotext

On April 4, 2011 Bök announced a significant break-through in his project to engineer "a life-form so that it becomes not only a durable archive for storing a poem, but also an operant machine for writing a poem". 

He published "Book I" of the resulting Xenotext in 2015.

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