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Dr Kamaljit Sangha

Research Fellow, Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, College of Engineering, IT and Environment (EITE)

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Dr. Sangha has worked in the trans-disciplinary field of Ecological Economics since she finished her Master of Science (MSc) at Panjab University in India 20 years ago. 

Initially, she worked on assessing the economic value of exotic Eucalytpus tereticornis and indigenous Dalbergia sissoo plantations for rural communities in Northeast India.

More recently, Dr. Sangha has spent 15 years working closely with Indigenous communities in northern Australia. Her focus is on linking ecosystem services from rainforests and savannas with the well-being of remote Indigenous communities. She has developed an Indigenous ecosystem services framework, which applies the capability approach and innovative methods to evaluate ecosystem services from local and Indigenous perspectives.

Her work has been recently published in the Ecosystem Services* journal in a paper titled Challenges for valuing ecosystem services from an Indigenous estate in northern Australia. Her paper on developing an Indigenous framework has also been published in Conservation and Society**.

Dr. Sangha is also the author of a book called Ways to live in harmony with nature, published by JoJo Publishing, VIC. She outlines how we can realise the importance of Mother Nature’s services and benefits in our daily living and better manage our natural resources. She is also a co-editor of a book, Sustainable land sector development in Northern Australia: Indigenous rights, aspirations and cultural responsibilities, recently published by CRC press, USA.

She has published approximately 60 articles in various national and international journals, and conference proceedings.

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* Sangha et al. 2017; issue 25, 167-178 ** Sangha and Russell-Smith (2017); issue 15, 255-269

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